Your Horoscope This Week: March 24 To 30

With Mars now in Pisces as the eclipse week begins, we're experiencing a mix of self-compassion and a yearning for more harmony and peace in our relationships.  

Aries Sun and Rising:  

Taurus Sun and Rising:  

Taurus, the week starts with a lunar eclipse full moon in your Venus-ruled sign of Libra.  

Gemini, with your planetary ruler Mercury currently in Aries and about to go retrograde next week, this lunar eclipse week will likely have you pondering   

Gemini Sun & Rising:

Cancer, because you are ruled by the Moon, you will be particularly affected by the Libra lunar eclipse on the 25th – in fact, you have most certainly been experiencing symptoms since the start  

Cancer Sun & Rising:

Leo, the Libra lunar eclipse at the beginning of the week ignites your sector of communication and creativity, and it lights up a powerful need within you—you want to feel loved in a healthy, caring way, and you want it to feel easy.  

Leo Sun & Rising:

This week's lunar eclipse in Libra illuminates your financial and self-esteem area, Virgo. With Mercury ready to begin its retrograde in Aries on April 1, now is a good time to assess your first-quarter expenses and savings.  

Virgo Sun & Rising:

Happy Lunar Eclipse in Libra! Your annual full moon has arrived, but because it coincides with a lunar eclipse, its strength will be increased by ten. This week, your aim is to relax and unwind without taking on anyone else's tension, drama, or obligations.  

Libra Sun & Rising:

Scorpio, the first eclipse of 2024 will not occur on the Scorpio-Taurus axis, so while you will still feel the extremely intense impacts of the Libra lunar eclipse in your spiritual sector, you will also experience waves of serenity and harmony this week.  

Scorpio Sun & Rising:

On the 25th, Sag, a moon eclipse in Libra will occur in your friendship and social network sector. You've been wanting to change things up socially in recent days, and this eclipse may highlight possibilities for you to do so  

Sagittarius Sun & Rising:

Capricorn, you feel more invigorated and ready to rumble now that it's Aries Season. However, the Libra lunar eclipse will occur on Monday in your career sector, which may disrupt your plans.  

Capricorn Sun & Rising:

The Libra lunar eclipse on the 25th offers greater tranquility and patience into your worldly perspectives and connections. Instead of engaging in a political dispute with someone and criticizing their beliefs,   

Aquarius Sun and Rising:  

Pisces, this week's moon eclipse in Libra activates your sector of depth and integration, allowing you to reach new levels of closeness with your romantic relationships and friends. If you have felt compelled to start or continue therapy,  

Pisces Sun & Rising: