Tom Brady calls out the Detroit Lions.

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell has received a lot of criticism for his choice to go for it on fourth down twice while in field goal range against the San Francisco 49ers, with the club failing to convert on both occasions.  

And it sounds like Tom Brady believes they should have just accepted the points.During the most recent episode of his Let's Go! podcast, 

Tom Brady chastised the Detroit Lions for their "aggressive" decision to go for it on fourth down,  

claiming that he "would've taken the points," citing all the times he had been in a similar situation. 

"They've been aggressive all year," Brady remarked on the podcast, via Awful Announcing. "Obviously, if you're aggressive and it doesn't work,  

it will come back to bite you. It returned to bite them yesterday. Again, I would have accepted the points. 

"I have been in those circumstances. I look at them and say, "OK, now is the time to keep the pressure on the 49ers to make big plays, and you're in a great position." 

Obviously, hindsight is 20/20 in cases like this, but Brady has been in situations like this more than most, so his perspective is absolutely credible. 

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