These Spring 2024 Nail Art Trends Inspire Us to Do the Most With Our Manicure.  

This spring, we put an end to the minimalist manicures that have governed our fingertips for the past year.   

"Many of 2024's trends are rebelling against the previously reigning 'clean girl' look," says Chaun Legend, a Los Angeles-based nail artist and Lottie London artist in residence.   

So, what's next? Beauty experts foresee a sweeping return to maximalism this year (as evidenced by TikTok's 2016-inspired Mob Wife makeup trend)—and nail designs are no exception.   

All of the spring 2024 nail styles make a statement with vibrant art and eye-catching accents.  

Artists are getting imaginative with their last touches. The classic French manicure is enhanced with gold-dipped tips, and pastels are given the "cateye" treatment.   

Expect new textures, such as crocodile print, and the addition of 3D diamonds to make designs stand out.   

"More nail suppliers are releasing products that create three-dimensional effects," says Rita Pinto, the proprietor of New York City nail salon Vanity Projects.  

And, of course, the popular chrome manicure is not going anywhere.  

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