The Top 10 Core Exercises for Strength, Stability, and a Six-Pack

We start core exercises with the plank because everyone needs to start somewhere. This basic action works your core by requiring you to support your weight on your forearms and toes.

1) Plank

2) Glute Bridge

Why: Glute strength is crucial to a healthy core, but they're often disregarded. Strengthening them will improve your body now and later.

3) Dead Bug

Dead bugs are a wonderful beginner core workout because they're hard to mess up and safe to test your core.

4) Flutter Kick

Why: Flutter kicks are another simple core strengthening practice. Extend your legs and hover your heels to develop your core stabilisers without straining your lower back.

5) Swimming Superman

Why: Real-life in-water swimming strengthens your core, yet static hip and upper back extensions develop your glutes and core. We added the'swimming' movement at the end to make it harder.

6) TRX Row

Why: The suspension trainer is essential for your core yet rarely used in the gym. Try one without activating your core. We challenge you.

7) Dragon Flag

This move works more than your abs. Your upper-body, hip flexors, glutes, and lower-back must support you, making it a great core exercise.

8) Russian Twist

What's the point? Boxing, rowing, jogging, and kayaking all require rotational skills. By adding Russian twists, you may build core strength and emulate other sports' movements.

9) Barbell Rollout

Because rollouts are challenging and use the entire core, but you should be aware that the more you progress, the more difficult the motion becomes.

10) Medicine Ball Slam

Why: This exercise will work your upper body and core, but with proper technique, it will work your core hard.

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