The Pedro Pascal-related optical illusion is only visible with closed eyes.  

An optical illusion that baffles people can only be seen with closed eyelids.   

This time, the optical illusion shows Pedro Pascal.Instagram user ‘Rishi Draws’ produced the optical illusion.  

The clip explains that this optical illusion is only seen with closed eyes. It works by staring at the image's dot for 30 seconds.  

A person will see the optical illusion when they close their eyes.Someone wrote, "This is absolutely wild."  

A second mentioned, "I saw Pascal, Affleck, Reynolds, and Pascal again…I wasn't prepared for the excursion."  

Fourth: "What kind of wizardry is this?"Posted the video as “signature art,” he wrote.  

A flight attendant signs her name on white paper in the clip.   

Bar creates the artwork while the attendant marvels. He names the sketch and shows it to the flight attendant, who says, "Wow. Very nice”.  

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