ten terrifying disaster date stories that will make you cringe

"Man I met at club. He wore conventional clothes well. He invited me to dinner the following week after we talked for hours. I awaited him in town. He was 10 minutes late without a text or apology. He walked with a fake limp and wore absurd clothes. Even though I felt embarrassed, I walked with him. He said he wanted kids with the next girl he met. He then took me to a food court for dinner and demanded payment! Since he wasn't trying, I left soon."

1. One day he was wonderful, the next he was awful

"The guy who arrived was not the same as the online profile or the guy I spoke to on the phone! I doubt he was 18. Thank goodness the film was PG."

2. He was a completely different person

"A guy said he hated me, then asked to be intimate with me."

3. He was just rude

"My date stated that he had never used cutlery and asked the server to arrange his food in sandwich style. I felt quite ashamed and eventually left the restaurant."

4. He was a stranger to cutlery

"We went to the movies." He was embarrassed to sit by me since I was overweight, so he sat somewhere else. The terrible part is that it wasn't even a blind date. I've known him for years, and he invited me out."

5. He was ashamed of my weight

"I had a long conversation with one guy. He offered to embrace and massage my entire body. After work at midnight, I visited him. His massage was terrible, his kissing was messy, and I had to ask him to calm down so I could breathe. I left and told him it wouldn't work."

6. He was a bad kisser

"One man tried to convince me to be intimate with him on the floor of his fruit business. "It was our second—and final—date."

7. He wanted to get dirty

"One guy told me that getting my master’s degree was cute, but a waste of money considering that I would only end up at home popping out kids and never properly work."

8. He figured I'd just stay home and pop out some kid

"Umm... my date came his with whole family. "It was quite embarrassing." 

9. He made it a family affair 

I met someone on Tinder. He was older than he appeared in images, and we communicated on completely different levels. He spent ten minutes telling me about how many times his seven-year-old daughter had vomited recently. He was a perfect father."

10. He was a total dad

Ryan Gosling Impresses Eva Mendes After First Meeting: I’ve Never Had That. 

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