Tahini Coffee Smoothie

The most amazing coffee tahini smoothie is here to shake up your smoothie routine! It's prepared with creamy tahini, sweetened with dates, and loaded with nutrients to deliver that great coffee flavor.

These smoothies remind me so much of Israel, where I am currently wishing I was on vacation. They usually make the best iced coffees and smoothies, and this one is a combination of the two!

Ripe bananas can be used both fresh and frozen. I enjoy using frozen in smoothies for a thicker texture.

Creamy tahini is made from crushed sesame seeds. You can buy it in the nut butter area of most grocery stores, or you can order it from Amazon!

My favorite way to sweeten smoothies is using Medjool dates. They're bigger and juicier than most other dates, and they taste just like candy!

If you want a tahini banana shake without coffee or espresso, leave it out!These smoothies are great for breakfast, a snack, or a light meal.

 If I am feeling fancy, I like to top them with whipped cream and shaved chocolate. We all need a little pick-me-up throughout the day, am I correct?

These smoothies are packed with healthful fats, fiber, protein, and, most importantly, caffeine.  You're going to love these!

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