On March 28, 2024, 3 Zodiac Signs Want Big Things

An intriguing composite transit of Moon trine Saturn opposite Jupiter occurs on March 28, 2024. This day can accomplish much, but some of us may be too exhausted to do the work to get there.

Two zodiac signs will find that this day, during this transit, the workload may push us over the edge.

We're under pressure to complete massive tasks while working with great planetary influences. 

Saturn's powerful influence may make this day greater than we expected.

This day may give us a harsh lesson in time, patience, ability, and pacing—mostly pacing—but that hasn't stopped us before.

1. Sagittarius

You need a getaway since job and home life have overwhelmed you. While you're still highly interested in whatever you've committed to, you know that on March 28, when the Moon trine Saturn opposes Jupiter

2. Capricorn 

You're unique, Capricorn, and you like it. This self-confidence makes you think of yourself as a winner, but on March 28, with Moon trine Saturn opposed Jupiter, it's hard to stay up. Not because you lack stamina or willpower.

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