--Most disobedient dog breeds in the world--

Akitas were originally intended to protect royalty in Japan, but they were also used to hunt wild wildlife. Although they are friendly puppies,  

If these puppies become bored, they engage in nuisance behavior such as repetitive barking and digging.  

Although Lhasa apsos appear to be adorable little lap dogs, they are among the hardest and most determined canines in the small dog breed group.   

Bull terriers are sociable, boisterous dogs who are frequently compared to children for their mischievous antics.   

These majestic, strong canines were originally designed to protect livestock from predators on snowy mountaintops.  

These regal, powerful dogs were originally bred to guard sheep against predators on the snowy mountaintops. Today, they are valued for being vigilant watchdogs with a calm demeanor.  

However, the Great Pyrenees are doggedly independent and will challenge authority if confidence is not demonstrated early in their training.   

Their adorable, humorous personalities make them difficult to resist, but it's crucial to stay consistent with training and administer tough discipline when necessary.  

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