Mix-and-Match Nails Are Trending and We’re Completely Obsessed

If our new fave manicure is any indication, originality is very much on trend. We keep seeing mix-and-match nails on the fingers of the most popular nail artists and their clientele, with each digit providing an opportunity for a unique expression.

We are invested because nail regret is the worse. Who wants to commit to one design across all nails when the other three or four you've saved on your mood board are still tempting—

especially because it's gelled on for the next three weeks? Mix-and-match nails provide endless possibilities in this regard.

So, what exactly are mix-and-match nails? In a nutshell, they're a freestyle manicure for when you're unsure which aesthetic to go with.

 It's an eclectic mix of all your favorite designs spread across multiple fingers in one manicure.

There is no "right" way to wear the look, which is somewhat of the purpose. It's all about being unique and discovering what speaks to you.

If you're looking for inspiration, several famous nail influencers have provided plenty. Imarni, who has designed for Emma Chamberlain and Maisie Williams,

has been showing off her own take on mix-and-match nails for a while now, and she's become our go-to for bright, bold, statement squiggles, smilies, and nazars (evil eyes).

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