March 28, 2024 Tarot Horoscopes by Zodiac Sign

 Zodiac signs, happy Thursday. The Major and Minor tarot cards, including Moon and Sun energies, reveal each zodiac sign's horoscope for Thursday, March 28, 2024.

Take responsibility for your life and something amazing happens. Aries, the blame game is not your thing. You will own any tragedy and learn from it. The tarot card today says you're here to grow. You use obstacles to climb!

1. Aries  

Healing is ongoing. As lovely as it might be to claim you're 'done' and nothing will touch your heart again, you may have missed a tiny sliver of emotion. Closeness, especially in personal affairs, takes time.

2. Taurus 

3. Gemini  

 Go ahead. Self-congratulate. You're making amazing life progress, and you know it. When you've overcome adversity, humble gloating is fine. It's inspiring and shows your resiliency. Recognize that.

4.  Cancer

Be honest about your feelings. Saying you trust yourself is nothing until you act on your thoughts and feelings. Believing in oneself implies acting on it. Practise what you preach.


Leo, do you need a huge celestial hug? After being hurt, you feel like the world is on your shoulders. Care for yourself instead than pretending everything is fine. Take care of yourself. Be brave and seek help.


Remember a prior ex? The mind is a trickster, so someone else's memories seems better. It can convince you your past is stronger than your future. Avoid delusions. Live in the now.

7.  Libra

Libra, don't prolong happiness! In the present, it can be an intentional choice rather than chance. There will always be new boxes to fill, so don't wait to be satisfied until the boxes are checked.

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