Radish kimchi is one of my favorite kinds of kimchi (김치). As a child, I always favored radish kimchi to normal napa cabbage kimchi. Because it has a crisp texture and a little sweetness to it.

You can easily get this kimchi at a Korean grocery shop, but it never had the flavor or texture that I grew up with. So I decided to manufacture them myself.

I even asked my mother for help on how to create tasty Kkadugi, and she gave me some suggestions on what to include.

And I'm quite pleased with how things turned out. It's crunchy, yet not too salty or sweet. It has a well-balanced taste, and I'd say it's quite comparable to my mother's version. 

Radish kimchi, also known as Kkakdugi in Korean, is a type of kimchi produced from radish.  The term is derived from kkakduk sseolgi (깍둑설기) in Korean. It describes the motion of cutting food into cubes.

Many Koreans believe that Kkakdugi tastes best when made in the middle to late autumn (October to December), when radish is harvested traditionally in Korea.

Korean radishes grown at this time have the most natural sweet flavor and are firmer. I remember eating fresh radishes as my mother was slicing them in her kitchen.

Kkakdugi is often served alongside Korean ox bone soup (Seollengtang, 설렁탕), beef short rib soup (Galbitang, 갈비탕), and Korean knife cut noodles (Kalguksu, 칼국수).

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