Kerr Discusses Steph Curry's Reaction to 'Unforgivable' Draymond Green Ejection

After Draymond Green was dismissed in the opening four minutes of Wednesday's Golden State Warriors-Orlando Magic game, Steph Curry got emotional.

According to 95.7 The Game, head coach Steve Kerr explained why Curry was so emotional after the blunder on Thursday.

"Every game matters. For us to fight for everything and Draymond to go after three minutes.

 Kerr said it was inexcusable. "And I think Steph may have been a little upset with himself for not pulling Draymond out of there but I think mostly it was just, come on, man."

Despite Green's ejection, the Warriors won, but Curry, who carries the team every night, was frustrated.

olden State's standout point guard is scoring 26.5 points per game, the only bright spot in a disappointing year.

The Warriors, 10th in the West at 38-34, are one game ahead of the 11th-place Houston Rockets in the playoff hunt. 

In a span where every game matters, Golden State couldn't afford Green's Wednesday expulsion.

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