Fruits That Help with Weight Loss  

Because fruit is delicious and contains naturally occurring sugar, many people believe that it causes weight gain.  

However, studies repeatedly show that consuming fruits promotes healthy weight management.  

Several published research have revealed that increasing daily intake of whole fruits is inversely related to weight growth  

Research has also indicated that consuming whole fruit lessens the risk of long-term weight gain in adults by lowering overall calorie intake.   

Researchers believe that the preventive effects of fruit are attributable in part to anti-inflammatory antioxidants and minerals, how fruit consumption affects the gut flora, and fruit's propensity to increase satiety.  

Because whole fruits require chewing and contain fiber and water, they empty the stomach slowly, increasing fullness and delaying the return of hunger.   

Furthermore, eating fruit instead of a higher-calorie snack or dessert lowers total calorie intake.  

Certain elements found in fruit, such as vitamins A, E, and C, have been linked to lower fat accumulation and belly obesity.   

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