Dried Cranberries and Chocolate Cookies  

When it comes to complementing contrast, this chocolate chip-oatmeal cookie hybrid nails it.   

Tangy dried cranberries are balanced by your choice of white or dark chocolate; the crisp exteriors of the cookies  

And, like most wonderful drop cookie recipes, this one allows you some creative freedom.  

Feel free to size your cookies whatever you want, from small bite-sized packets to bigger single-serving amounts; just make sure to adjust the bake time accordingly.  

Rehydrating dried fruit before baking can add moisture to the finished dish, but it is not required in this recipe.  

If preferred, soak for 15 minutes in hot water.Raisins are a typical substitution depending on what ingredients you have on hand, but we think dried apricots would work beautifully with this recipe.  

If you want to change the flavor profile of your cookies, you have options  

This recipe calls for semisweet or white chocolate chips, but you may substitute milk chocolate or a combination of the two.   

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