Draymond Green is still an asset to Steph Curry's lineup.

Draymond Green has made headlines again for the wrong reasons. 

 After two technical fouls for an incident with game official Ray Acosta, the veteran forward was dismissed during the Golden State Warriors' win over the Orlando Magic on Wednesday (March 27).

However, Fox Sports Rachel Nichols feels Green's worth to the Warriors, especially to Steph Curry, will keep the front office working with him as he works to resolve his disciplinary concerns.

 Curry's stats improve with Green on the court, she said.

“It’s what he does for this team,” Nichols added.

 “He does it for this star player…Steph improves in all key stat categories with Draymond on the court.

He activates Steph as no one else has.Thus, they signed him to a four-year, $100 million contract this season

.I think Draymond and Steph will be Warriors for a while.”

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