Doctors Identify Common Causes of Sudden, Unexplained Weight Gain  

Whether you have persistent bloating or feel bigger during your period, witnessing seemingly unexplained weight gain on the scale can be disheartening.  

Weight fluctuation is a normal part of life, and variables such as age, decreased activity levels, muscle mass loss, and a slower metabolism can all contribute to unexplained weight gain.  

In rare circumstances, there may be an association between your weight increase and insulin.   

"Weight gain around the waistline in adults—outside of pregnancy—is often a sign of insulin resistance or hypersecretion," explains Naomi Parrella, MD, a family doctor and obesity medicine specialist at Rush University Medical Group.   

Although less prevalent, Parrella adds that weight gain could be a sign of high cortisol, Cushing's disease, or, in more extreme situations, ovarian cancer.  

If a few extra pounds are beginning to affect your mental health or way of life, it may be time to see a dietitian or doctor—especially if you're experiencing joint pain  

Before you schedule an appointment with your doctor, keep a journal of everything you eat as well as your exercise habits (including activities outside of your exercises) for at least a few days  

Perhaps you are eating more calories during the day, or you are sitting at your desk more frequently than normal owing to a heavier  

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