Cool and Unique Middle Names for Boy

Akirou. This Japanese name means "autumn son." What a wonderful name, especially if your boy is born in the autumn.

Alfonso. The Spanish and Italian versions of the name Alfonso are derived from a German name meaning noble and ready. Other spellings include Alonso, Alonzo, and Alfonse (French).

 Andrés. This is the Spanish and Icelandic variant of the name Andrew, which comes from Greek and meaning "manly." A pretty good meaning for a young boy.

Asher. In Hebrew, this name means "blessed." The name is also mentioned in the Old Testament. Despite its ancient origins, Asher sounds like a distinctive and contemporary middle name.

Avrum. This is the Yiddish version of the biblical name Abraham. Despite its old origins, the name sounds rather modern.

Atticus. Harper Lee utilized the Latinized version of the Greek name, which means "from Attica," in her novel To Kill a Mockingbird.

Callum. This name, often spelled Calum, is derived from the Latin name Columba, which means "dove." The most renowned carrier was an Irish monk who introduced Christianity to Scotland. What a calm and serene name.

Cochise. This name means oak or wood in Apache, and it denotes strength. It was the name of a 19th century chieftain who became famous for spearheading a rebellion that resulted in a peace settlement.

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