Chia seeds are an underappreciated superfood with skin-boosting benefits.

Every day, we learn more about nutrition and are urged to incorporate specific foods,

 such as chia seeds, into our diets because of the benefits they can provide in our daily lives. (Also because we've found we adore them.)

The list of seeds is long, but we believe that chia seeds are an absolute must-have on your shopping list

In addition to being high in calcium, iron, and omega 3, they are excellent for promoting skin regeneration.

"It should be mentioned that chia seeds include nutrients like calcium. 

For persons who do not consume dairy products, they can be an alternate food source of calcium.

"The anti-inflammatory effects of the high content of omega-3 contained in chia is reflected in the skin, reducing flaking, dermatitis or itching," according to the dietitian.

"The same happens with the anti-inflammation produced by the antioxidants."