An Astrologer Explains Why Dating Is Almost Unbearable Now and When It Will Improve.

Dating has gotten harder despite dating apps making meeting singles easier than ever, according to most individuals.

Social media may give the illusion of more and "better" alternatives, but human design astrologer Kelsey Crookshanks suggested in a TikTok video that astrology may also contribute to the dating world's bleakness.

Astrology impacts us all individually and collectively, therefore Crookshanks blames asteroid Chiron for many problematic relationships.

Asteroid Chiron is called the ‘wounded healer.’ Named after Greek mythology's Chiron, who could heal all but his own wounds.

Chiron signifies our most profound emotional scars and our ability to overcome them. Healing should allow us to help others.

Mars, the male planet, rules Aries. Chiron reveals the deepest scars, and many men lose their identity

Men evolved to be guardians and hunters, which are less in demand today, whereas women developed to be mothers and stay-at-home. 

Modern males don't hunt and protect as much, and many women don't have children or stay at home.

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