90-Year-Old Man Reveals What Happened To His Inspiration To Come Out As Gay After Almost a Century In The Closet

In 2022, LGBTQ+ people were more accepted than ever, but older members of the community remember when they had to hide their identities to stay safe.

“Coming out in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s was horrendous,” Felts added. That was one reason I never considered coming out. The LGBT community and organizations were nonexistent

 People came out alone, without backup. I must have lacked the confidence to face society at the time, so I buried it.”

In 2020, while writing his autobiography, he revealed the truth about his true love, Phillip.

In the 1950s, Felts fell in love with Phillip. "My emotions still clashed horribly. What was right felt wrong and vice versa

"I had no shame about our physical union, but guilt hit me fast. Like the wind, formless but devastating and all-consuming "Felts explained.

 "I don’t remember what I told Phillip about the reason for my leaving," he wrote. "Whatever it was, it was not the truth."

At 90, Felts told his daughter that his biggest regret was leaving Phillip, the first time he had ever admitted to being gay. 

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