5 Chinese Zodiac Signs Have Good Luck This Week Through March 31

Know your reasons for breaching the rules. That's luck's strange energy. This is your chance to take your fate.

Of course, Pig, Dragon, Ox, Horse, and Dragon will have the best luck if they follow this advice. Something for the other signs, too!

Thunder over Mountain (#62) is this week's lucky I Ching hexagram. It reminds us not to underestimate ourselves or our learning.

Pig, destiny favors you all week. Lead your life and make major decisions. Don't shrink and allow others bully you now. Show them your stuff as a worthy contender.

1. Pig

Dragon, your written manifestation is strong this week. So get a pen and paper. Sit down and write what you want. Writing everything like a story as if your wishes had come true would help you channel luck. Put this paper on an altar or somewhere safe.

 2. Dragon

Ox, your competitive energy this week is powerful, acknowledged or not. Keep your head straight and don't doubt yourself—you'll win. Luck favors you!

 3. Ox

Horse, your romance is booming this week. Expect mind-blowing revelations. Whether you're making something creative for your partner or choosing a date, trust your gut. Luck will help you pick the best and avoid the rest.

4. Horse

Your thinking is your best buddy this week, Rooster. Use it to generate great ideas and realize your goals. Luck will help you perfect everything. If you lead or make decisions for many people, this will be obvious.

 5 Roosters

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