4 Zodiac Signs Most Affected by March 29 Asteroid Pallas Retrograde

Pallas, an asteroid, is now located in the sign of Sagittarius, which is a position that has the potential to transform the way we think about and approach issues pertaining to religion and philosophy. 

Beginning on March 29th, Pallas will be in retrograde motion until July 9th, 2024, when it will direct itself in the sign of Scorpio.

 It is possible that during this transit, Pallas may make an aspect to Saturn in the form of a square and trine, which will enable us to have a greater sense of comfort and to feel more concentrated on our cognitive process.

 Collectively, this is a time of greater personal adjustments and transformations that will carry on some significant lessons from Saturn in Pisces because Jupiter is the ruler of both of these signs because of their relationship to Jupiter.

During this transit, growth that you have experienced over the course of the past year will be reflected in your life.

1. The sign of Scorpio

There is a possibility that Saturn's position in Aquarius hampered your ability to express yourself, but if you had persisted in being the artist that you are, you might have been able to see how much progress you made

2 .Sagittarius

You are going to investigate the dynamics of your relationship with Pallas, which will contribute to your development. Now is the time to learn how to strike a balance

 3. Taurus

You will quickly realize how much of a listener and mentor you are capable of becoming once Pallas enters the sign of Sagittarius. Due to the fact that you are a sign that thrives in social settings

4. The Gemini

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