17 of the Most Effective Exercises for Fat Loss in the Abs, Revised by Fitness Experts

Michaels says this exercise targets your core, chest, shoulders, lats, triceps, and quads. Burpees' explosive plyometric movement will pump your heart.

1 . Burpee

2 . Mountain Climber

Michaels is a fan of this moving plank exercise because, similar to burpees, it stimulates your core muscles in addition to a wide variety of other muscles throughout your body.

3 . Turkish Get-Up

Celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza loves the 200-year-old kettlebell-based Turkish get-up. Despite its complexity, she claims the total-body conditioning move works well.

4 . Medicine Ball Burpee

Phelps recommends adding a medicine ball to your burpee to increase intensity, metabolism, and core muscle.

5 . Sprawl

Like a burpee on steroids, the sprawl works as many muscles as possible, burns calories, and shapes and tones upper- and lower-body, especially abs. Braganza says, “It goes beyond the burpee by having you touch your chest to the ground, then push-up to plank as you continue the move.”

6 . Side-to-Side Medicine Ball Slam

“Medicine ball slams are a dynamic, explosive, and highly metabolic exercise that does not target one muscle group,” says Premier Body & Mind trainer and founder Chris DiVec

7 . Overhead Medicine Ball Slam

Anti-gravity overhead medicine ball slams improve your core. As you lift the ball overhead, your heart rate rises, testing your endurance. Use a hefty weighted ball for this workout to maximize results.

8 . Russian Twist

DiVecchio says the Russian twist is a core exercise that strengthens and defines obliques. A medicine ball or plate is used to rotate your torso while sitting up with your feet off the ground.

9 . BOSU Ball Plank

Your cardio exercises are essential for burning the fat on top of your abdominal muscles. New York City personal trainer Adam Sanford, creator of Adam Sanford Fitness, advises working abs while losing weight. Favorite move for that? BOSU ball plank.

10 . Tricep extension push-up

Matheny calls this a “multi-joint movement” that engages your core and body. It won't burn belly fat alone, but it can assist. Matheny claims it can also tone core and arm muscles, which will appear more as you lose fat.

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