10 Fitness 'Rules' to Abandon in 2024 for Best Results

Cardio is important for cardiovascular health, but it may not help you lose weight. Instead, combine strength and HIIT for optimal results. Resistance training boosts metabolism and helps manage weight, according to research.

1. Relying only on cardio can help you lose weight. 

Though potent, HIIT may not be better than cardio for fat loss. Both have advantages; choose what works for you.

2.HIIT is better than cardio for fat loss. 

"The fat-burning zone uses more fat as fuel for heart rate training. You work at 60–80% of your maximal heart rate here. Burning fat for fuel and decreasing body fat are distinct.

3. Exercising in the fat-burning zone burns the most fat. 

Workouts are often more about quality than quantity. A 2016 study found that overtraining might cause burnout and injury, slowing fitness improvements. Muscle repair and growth require proper rest and recuperation between sessions.

4 . Working out more means better results. 

5. Lifting heavy weights will make you bulky. 

A widespread fitness fallacy is that hard weightlifting makes you bulky, especially for women. Heavy weightlifting boosts lean muscle growth and tone, according to research.

6. You can spot target fat loss. 

We're sorry, but you can't pick and choose which body areas gain or lose fat. Regular activity and a healthy diet reduce fat.

7. No pain means no gain. 

"Pushing yourself throughout your workouts might help you attain your goals, but you shouldn't push through major discomfort or suffering. Start cautiously and discover your body's limits to avoid overtraining by making workouts difficult and frequent "Meier recommends.

8. Sweating burns more calories. 

Your body sweats to regulate temperature, not to burn calories. Don't use sweating as a metric of fat loss or calorie expenditure from intense workouts. Concentrate on training intensity and effectiveness, not sweating.

9. Supplements are necessary for results. 

Supplements aren't necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Their name implies using them to supplement a healthy lifestyle. Before taking supplements, eat healthy and talk to a doctor or dietitian.

10. You must diet to reach your fitness goals. 

Diet trends change, whether they restrict foods, macronutrients, or meal times. Meier says the most important parts of a balanced nutrition plan are a decent balance of healthy, complete meals that fit your calorie needs and that you can keep to it.

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