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At Alpha Omega we offer cerakote services, OEM manufacturing, NFA dealer, slide milling, gun smithing, frame stippling and laser engraving.

Cerakote Services

Tired of a dull matte black gun?  Tired of having a gun that looks like everyone else’s gun?  Then consider having your gun finished with Cerakote. Cerakote is a thin film ceramic based coating that is very durable, chemical resistant, corrosion resistant, and reduces friction between components.


AOA will sight your scope using specialized equipment to align the sight with the barrel. This will reduce the time you need to spend zeroing in on your target at the range. Without sighting service, sighting your scope can take several rounds and increase time needed at the range.

Laser Engraving

We offer laser engraving for those of you who want to take the overall style of your gun to the next level. Whether it’s a personal logo/graphic or the classic AOA logo, we can get you set up with a professional engraving of your own.

“These guys do amazing high quality work! I would highly recommend them for all your armament needs. Just had them cerakote a Glock 45 and it looks amazing!!”

Scott Swift

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